This page I dedicate to my beloved friends who love to make presents and suffers sometimes about what to buy/make/cook/etc.

Sports (boxing/mma/biking/hiking/archery/rockclimbing/you-name-it)

  • Grappling dummy
  • Pretty or scary mouthpiece[s] 🙂
  • Boxing/MMA/Jiu-Jitsu t-shirts with funny signs/colors (size M)
  • Quiver. Next goal is this one: link
  • Traditional right-handed bow. Most probably Korean.


  • 600-1000W studio flash. HSS is an advantage. Battery is a huge advantage.
  • Battery-operated flash
  • MindShift UltraLight Photo Backpack (25 or 36L)
  • 30*120cm striplight softbox
  • Lightweight tripod (0.8-1.3 kg, the less the better). Done

Silly stuff


  • Raspberry Pi Done

Roleplaying games (LARP)

  • All kinds of shields, swords/axes/etc. and bows.

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