Name: Andrii Shchurkov
Phone: +31 62 531 2765

Goal (not looking for a job at the moment)

My goal is to get a position of a software engineer/web-developer and/or team-leader. I have over seventeen years of experience in software development. I prefer large projects because they are more rewarding in developing, supporting and controlling their growth.


I am an experienced software engineer with a wide range of skills; mostly specializing on server-side web-development (Java, Python, PHP, databases), with an experience as a project manager/team-leader, front end developer, usability specialist.
Languages and technologies (summary):

  • Python, Java, PHP, Perl, bash/korn shell, AS3.
  • MySQL, InterBase/Firebird, Oracle, PostgreSQL, memcache, Redis, various ORMs.
  • JavaScript and its frameworks, AJAX, XML, CSS, (X)HTML.
  • OOP, SOLID, MVC; event driven design, aspect oriented programming, functional programming.
  • Unit testing, functional testing; Selenium; minor experience with TDD.
  • Competent coding, markup and code documentation.
  • Cloud infrastructure, CloudStack, Amazon Web Services.
  • Apache, nginx, media servers (Wowza, Red5).
  • git, SVN.
  • Agile development methodologies, SCRUM (preferably), RUP, waterfall. I can perform as a SCRUM-master, though SCRUM doesn’t encourage combining of SCRUM master and developer roles.
  • Linux/FreeBSD advanced user.

Miscellaneous skills: algorithms development/optimization, Cloud computing, applications optimization, quality assurance and elaboration of the projects usability.
I have experience as a business-analyst, skills of development of project specifications on the basis of the customer’s wishes. I used to work with different development methodologies (most recently with agile methodologies, particularly SCRUM). Experience as a head of the IT-department, project manager, team-lead.

Work Experience

April 2014 – Current — Senior Software Engineer in Irdeto.
I worked on multiple projects in Irdeto; with wide range of technologies: Java, Python, JavaScript (AngularJS, custom frameworks), MySQL/PostgreSQL, AWS services, various testing frameworks (PyTest, jUnit, TestNG). Irdeto has a well-developed SCRUM culture, SCRUM and its variations are used in most projects.

  • Project A – an integration system for several other company products. I developed a Java-based REST API and a web interface in Angular (its 1st version). The project received a company award after its first release.
  • Project B – Python-based system for offline certificate generation and PKI infrastructure.
  • Project C – in a way similar to Project B system; Java-based system for STB (settopbox) online key provisioning.

October 2013 – March 2014 — Senior Software Engineer and SCRUM-master in KYOS.
As a software engineer I contributed to building an energy price prediction software for energy factories; predictions based on analysis of previous prices made in MATLAB. Backend was built in CodeIgniter framework with custom support of multiple databases. My contribution was mostly developing new features and refactoring of existing code (for example unification of APIs for multiple DB support). Besides I strted implementing unit- and functional tests for the project.
As a SCRUM-master I had to implement agile development from scratch, mostly using SCRUM as a base with some modifications for existing company culture.

April 2012 – September 2013 — Innovation Engineer in Research and Development Cloud department in LeaseWeb. We built the Cloud hosting product based on CloudStack. The work included mostly developing a backend talking to CloudStack API (backend written in Symfony2, using PHP, MySQL, Doctrine, various scripts in bash, Python, Perl, etc; front-end part used JavaScript/jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap). It also dealt with server infrastructure department and integration of Cloud backend with other company products and services.
In our work we also use wide range of supporting products and technologies: bash scripting, MySQL, SOAP and REST web services, CloudStack based cloud computing platform, a bit of Java and Python, etc.
As a development methodology we used SCRUM which perfectly fits R&D goals especially in small teams.

August 2012 – August 2013 — taking part in a pet project with a group of Harvard students. The project aims at helping people simplify the payment process in eateries and similar places. It also allows using PayPal for payments.
My responsibilities included roles of system architect and a backend developer. We had a backend written in PHP using Symfony2, a layer talking to DinerWare API (a system for POS terminals) and a rich JavaScript front-end.

June 2011 – June 2012 — participating in two networking startups Whim and Habnab as a Lead Web Developer/Software Architect. My contribution included creation of a web application architecture design, optimized high load scripts, created and optimized database structure and database queries, administration of the project servers working on Amazon Cloud.
Habnab programming languages and technologies: PHP (Zend Framework), MySQL, Amazon Web Services, Javascript (jQuery).
Whim programming languages and technologies: PHP (own framework), MySQL, Amazon Web Services, bash scripting.

November 2009 – August 2011 — software engineer, project manager in Envion Software company.
I took part in two big interesting projects:
First was the web-based Digital Asset Management system. I took part as the project manager and software engineer/web-developer. Project main goal was to let a company manage its brand, store brand assets, collaborate with third party services and coordinate work over the brand assets of third party organizations.
Project included a lot of technologies and supposed to be high load project.
Programming languages: PHP, Python, MySQL, Javascript, Flex (for web-conferences). Servers: Apache, nginx, Tornado server. Other technologies: AJAX, distributed file systems, memcached, clustered database.
As a project development methodology we used SCRUM, I was a project manager, also I performed some duties of a Product Owner.
Another project is a cloud-based project for high load statistical computations over medical databases for scientific researches and medical companies. I participate as software engineer/web developer.
The company-owner of the project is conducting 2 year initiative to research software methods to analyze health care databases to identify and evaluate safety and benefits of drugs already on the market.
Project is built on Amazon cloud. Technologies used: Amazon services, PHP, AJAX, Oracle, MySQL, server scripting (bash, Korn shell). First part of my work was developing a backend where project users may control their run instances, manage datasets and statistical methods.
The second part is rewriting statistics Oracle package onto MySQL.
I’ll be glad to answer all questions concerning the project an give details on every part you’re interested in.

November 2008 – June 2009 — web-developer (basically, Flash/ActionScript/Media Servers) in the inTVideo startup. I left the project after termination of my part.
August 2008 – November 2008 — Flex-developer, TeamDev company.

2004 – August 2008 — head of the IT-department, software architect and lead developer in the LEADER-group company.
My contribution: head of the company’s IT-department; design, development and implementation of projects, direct participation in the development of the corporate web-site and related projects (PHP, Perl, InterBase/Firebird, MySQL programming; XHTML, HTML, CSS coding; Flash design, Flash programming; JavaScript/DHTML/AJAX programming; development of user’s accounts control systems, corporate e-mail service, various statistic systems, administrator’s interfaces, etc.).

In the period of my managing the department, I preserved an efficient group both in difficult for the company times, and in conditions of high competitiveness on the IT labor market and of lack of specialists.

April 2002 – 2004 — programmer/designer/usability specialist in the LEADER-group company.

2001 – February 2006, 2008 — freelancer parallel to the full-time job; developed a bunch of web-sites from scratch, alone or as a part of small teams (up to three developers). Worked mostly with Flash/ActionScript, LAMP stack, front-end development.

October 2000 – December 2002 — web-master/programmer/designer in Elektronnyi Svit Ltd. Until now I consult the company on usability, design, and content.

March 2001 – December 2001 — web-master/programmer/designer in the creative team Diadushka Research.
Reason for leaving: the team left the field of web-development.


January- April 2009 – public speaking course in Sinton club.
1997-2003 — National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute”. Department Computer and Information Technologies. MEng, major: “Computer systems and networks”.
Graduation project: “Distributed Control System” (June, 2003).
1997 — finished Kharkov general grammar school 119, with advanced studying of English, Economics, Mathematics and Physics, 11 grades.
1995 — member of Junior Academy of Science of Ukraine in Psychology.


Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1 (March 2012). The certificate from online courses from Stanford University on Coursera platform.
In 2008 I participated in Ukrainian contest Programmania, where took the fifth place in PHP, the 18th place in Flash/Flex and the 17th place in agile technologies.
In 2009 I passed a three-month course in public speaking in Sinton club.
Got some Retratech certificates in 2005-2008 (the website is in Russian).

Additional Information

English — advanced.
Dutch — intermediate (B1).
I try to broaden my mind by studying supplementary disciplines, especially in the sphere of psychology, advertising, and marketing. I am a regular participant of IT conferences, seminars and meetings (recently Devoxx, G Amsterdam PHP meetups, Ukrainian IT-talks, Agile Gatherings, IT-Jam, Boston PHP Community).
I am eager to participate in social projects, useful for many real people who can provide immediate feedback.
I try to undertake social activities. For instance, I participate in developing Kharkov Bicycle Federation, organization of All-Ukrainian Bicycle Day, etc.
Example of my code: AbstractCommand.php

Personal Data

Date of Birth: February 1st, 1980
Marital status: married.
Residence: Currently living in Haarlem, the Netherlands.
Hobbies: Irish dances, photography, Japanese poetry, cycling, archery, active sports and leisure.

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